CES 2017: Lenovo unveils Alexa-based Smart Assistant and Smart Storage
- January 05, 2017

Set to go on sale in May, the Lenovo Smart Assistant has been handed a $130 price tag in the states, significantly less than the $180 Echo. I have a sneaking suspicion that CES 2017 may be the year of the smart speaker, with Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana and Google Assistant popping up in a slew of third-party devices. (more...)
Japan: SoftBank to receive investment from Qualcomm in new tech fund Japan: SoftBank to receive investment from Qualcomm in new tech fund
- January 05, 2017

The fund gained greater attention, however, when SoftBank's billionaire founder Masayoshi Son visited Trump Tower and pledged to invest $50 billion in the USA with the goal of creating 50,000 new jobs. The money will be invested in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, deep learning, robotics, and connected devices. Other contributors include Saudi Arabia's government which is investing $45 billion. (more...)
Volvo (STO:VOLV-B) Is Not Sweden's Best-Selling Car Anymore Volvo (STO:VOLV-B) Is Not Sweden's Best-Selling Car Anymore
- January 04, 2017

Volvo sold 21,321 of its V70/XC70/S90/V90, which are counted as one model in Bil Sweden's statistics, in 2016, second behind Volkswagen Golf. According to the carmakers association of Sweden, for 2016, this position goes to the Volkswagen Golf. (more...)
UN Security Council to vote on Syria cease-fire agreement UN Security Council to vote on Syria cease-fire agreement
- January 03, 2017

Putin said in televised comments that Damascus and the "main forces of the armed opposition" had inked the truce agreement and a document expressing a readiness to start peace talks. The text of the agreement has not been made public. The US deputy ambassador to the UN, Michelle Sison, said that the US expects the truce to be observed across the whole of Syria while the British deputy UN envoy Peter Wilson said that a system is required to independently monitor the ceasefire. (more...)
Apple to Manufacture iPhones in Bangalore from April, Expect Cheaper iPhones
- January 01, 2017

The Times of India reported that the new plant wil be set up in the southern tech hub of Bangalore. This would make its products more competitive in the India market, where is already enjoys a good market share in the top-end price brackets. (more...)
Samsung Reveals New Ultra HD Blu-ray Player, Soundbar Samsung Reveals New Ultra HD Blu-ray Player, Soundbar
- December 30, 2016

The company is using the innovative UHQ 32-bit audio technology which can be used to upscale source signals from 8-bit and 24-bit up to 32-bit thus making the audio quality come close to the original version. The wheels will allow you to adjust the volume or skip through tracks from streaming services. Overall, the MS750 Soundbar provides a deeper sense of immersion, a result of superior up-firing capabilities and overhead surround sound that uses vertical tweeters with up-mixing ... (more...)
One Dead At Teen's Viral Party
- December 28, 2016

The horse race was one of the party's biggest events and a reason several people wanted to attend in the first place - because there was a prize of 10,000 pesos (about $485). One communications professor at Mexico's La Salle Bajio University in Leon, Mexico , said that Monday's viral Mexican birthday party shows just how the internet "amplifies and makes hyper-transparent people's personal lives". (more...)
Russian Cyber-Espionage Group Tracked Ukrainian Military Using Android Malware Russian Cyber-Espionage Group Tracked Ukrainian Military Using Android Malware
- December 24, 2016

Its unique hallmark is the use of a remote access toolkit (RAT) known as X-Agent; where X-Agent is spotted, Fancy Bear has been, according to CrowdStrike . The filename "Попр-Д30.apk" of a malicious Android app used to carry out the spying is linked to a legitimate application which was initially developed domestically within Ukraine by an officer of the 55th Artillery Brigade, according to CrowdStrike . (more...)
Germany: Politics in times of terror
- December 23, 2016

Berlin prosecutors suggested that they didn't find any evidence of ISIS ties during his previous surveillance , and considered him only a "small-time drug dealer." he is not the subject of an global manhunt, with German officials saying he could be anywhere in the European Union by now. (more...)
'Resident Evil 7' (ALL) Beginning Hour Demo Available On PC 'Resident Evil 7' (ALL) Beginning Hour Demo Available On PC
- December 22, 2016

In Resident Evil 7 , players will wander the halls of a dilapidated mansion. The new instalment to the franchise will start with the main protagonist waking up all alone in an abandoned farmhouse. "You must find a way out", an excerpt from the demo's description reads. Thirsty for more on the new ResE game? Resident Evil 7 will be coming out for the Xbox One , the Playstation 4, and PC. (more...)
'Tis the Season for New Instagram Story Stickers
- December 21, 2016

After you've taken a photo or video, you'll see a new stickers button next to the text and drawing tools. Instagram wants to spice up your photos and videos with Stickers that display location names, time, weather and emoji. It's just one of a bunch of new options in the latest Instagram update that includes stickers , " holiday fun " and hands-free recording. Each contextual sticker has multiple styles to match your mood or taste. (more...)
Samsung won't unveil Galaxy S8 until April? Samsung won't unveil Galaxy S8 until April?
- December 20, 2016

Naturally, this means that this flagship will definitely have to be way much better than the previous. Samsung describes the Galaxy Game Pack offerings as one powerful advantage. So how do you guarantee your new smartphones won't also explode? But it seems that the company is not ready to disclose it yet. In Vietnam, 12,633 Note 7s should be taken back from buyers as their batteries might catch fire. (more...)
Samsung Has Big VR & AR Plans
- December 18, 2016

Besides this one there reports that the Korea-based brand is looking forward to taking a huge leap towards a much better HMD with augmented reality incorporated in it. At best, this will help Samsung to maintain its sustainability. This achievement will give Samsung the largest virtual reality installed base out of all major VR headsets coming from the top brands. (more...)
Snapchat Scissors Android tool will arrive in future update
- December 16, 2016

Groups can be quickly created either by choosing users to send a snap to or by starting a new chat and selecting the names of the people you want to put in the party. Of course, stickers, bitmojis, voice notes and other digital accessories are available in group chat. Like any other group chats, snappers will be able to create certain groups that consist of their closest friends. (more...)
Nokia's comeback: Mid-range D1C Android smartphone to start at Rs 10000
- December 13, 2016

There is no official confirmation on the prices. Known in the rumor mill as the Nokia D1C, the handset will be unveiled in two variants in February 2017, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The entry of Nokia Android Phones can assure the customers that they would get quality devices with best specs and reasonable price. Mother will roll-out its first global launch ( Nokia D1C ) campaign for Nokia Android Smartphones in 2017. (more...)
Super Nintendo World Themed Attractions Heading Universal Studios Japan By 2020
- December 13, 2016

The company also released a rendering of the park as part of the latest announcement , which includes Princess Peach's castle as well as main antagonist Bowser's castle. On the other hand, Kansai University professor emeritus, Katsuhiro Miyamoto estimates that the opening of Super Nintendo World will bring economic benefits of 6.2 trillion JPY to the Kansai region. (more...)
Patti Smith fumbles lyrics to Bob Dylan song at Nobel ceremony
- December 12, 2016

The event, which takes place on December 10, will instead feature a performance from punk poet Smith instead, as Billboard reports. The audience delivered an applause after Smith apologetically said she was "so nervous". "These giants of literature whose works are taught in the schoolroom, housed in libraries around the world and spoken of in reverent tones have always made a deep impression". (more...)
EU starts legal action against 4 states over VW emissions EU starts legal action against 4 states over VW emissions
- December 11, 2016

The European Commission has also taken further issue with Berlin and London, claiming both refused to share details on breaches of EU emissions laws uncovered in national investigations. But the Commission lacks the authority to fight Volkswagen. The penalties are part of the EU's vehicle type approval rules. But now regulatory agencies in European countries have become caught up in the legal fallout from VW's emissions cheating. (more...)
Samsung will KILL OFF our favourite phone of the year
- December 11, 2016

The South Korean company has now made a decision to cut these phones from the network, adopting similar measures to those taken last month in New Zealand and earlier this month in Australia . The software update will start rolling out on December 19. Sprint said in a press release that it will push the update to customers' Note7 phones on January 8, 2017, T-Mobile said in a statement that it will push the update on December 27, and AT&T will do so on January 5, 2017. (more...)
Qualcomm challenges Intel with commercial sample of 10nm server chip
- December 11, 2016

Servers are an attractive market for chip makers because their processors command higher prices and profit margins. Qualcomm's processors are based on chip designs from ARM , which licenses out chip designs. But none of them worked out, and Intel's Xeon server chips - which are consuming lower power and getting faster with each new generation - still rule the market with a 90-plus percent market share. (more...)
HTC Announces Vive Studios For the HTC Vive
- December 11, 2016

For now, the provocative Arcade Saga is a sign that HTC is positioning itself for a long-term battle to win over more gamers to the Vive. Taiwanese tech outfit HTC has announced today that in addition to producing one of the three big virtual reality headsets, it's now making the jump into first-party content for the platform, with its Vive Studios division launching Arcade Saga , an internally developed title. (more...)
US Aviation regulators lean towards in-flight calls US Aviation regulators lean towards in-flight calls
- December 11, 2016

No airlines now permit that (Delta said no way three years ago), but the DOT wants to get out ahead of the issue, and make sure that passengers are aware if their flight allows voice calls. A spokeswoman for Airlines for America , Kathy Grannis Allen said: 'We have long held that this was not a matter for DOT to regulate, and we believe airlines should be able to determine what services can be safely offered in flight and make those decisions based on what is in the best interests of their ... (more...)
Search underway after Marine Corps jet crashes off Japan: U.S Search underway after Marine Corps jet crashes off Japan: U.S
- December 10, 2016

The fighter was assigned to the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing in Okinawa, Japan. The status of the pilot's condition is unknown. The US and Japanese military said they expanded their search Thursday following the accident, which happened some 90 kilometres (56 miles) off the coast of southwestern Kochi prefecture. (more...)
Starbucks In The US Are Now PokeStops And Gyms
- December 09, 2016

By the end of the day, more than half of the Starbucks stores in America will be converted into PokeStops and Gyms. What feature does Pokemon Go still need? Pokemon GO developers, Niantic Labs, have released a brand new update for their augmented reality game. (more...)
Local Pearl Harbor survivor reflects on 75th anniversary Local Pearl Harbor survivor reflects on 75th anniversary
- December 09, 2016

Melvin "Bud" Kennedy survived Pearl Harbor, and now he lives at Primrose Retirement Community in Grand Island. James Dennison, an honorary member of the Pearl Harbor Survivor's Association says there aren't many left in Kansas. But what some World War II veterans went through on December 7, 1941, nothing can compare. "For decades, they say, hot oil from the hold of the Arizona bubbles to the surface", McCain added. (more...)
Samsung Galaxy S8 could be first Samsung phone with dual speakers Samsung Galaxy S8 could be first Samsung phone with dual speakers
- December 08, 2016

Instead, Samsung is planning to offer a USB Type-C port in its handset that will accommodate headphones. Samsung looks to be taking a different course of action, using a USB-C port on the Galaxy S8 to provide high quality audio. Headphone jack is not the only feature that Samsung is dropping. Hopefully, Samsung can make amends to the shortcomings of its Galaxy Note 7 with the release of a much desirable Galaxy flagship smartphone device. (more...)
Richard Spencer's appearance at Texas A&M draws protests Richard Spencer's appearance at Texas A&M draws protests
- December 08, 2016

During his two-hour speech at the school, Spencer spoke about white supremacy. He also ended his remarks on a chilling and hateful note: "At the end of the day, America belongs to white men", he reportedly said . Tensions boiled as more people showed up, and more than a dozen Department of Public Safety troopers were employed to maintain order when chaos broke out. (more...)
Palmer, Johnson lead Cardinals past Redskins
- December 07, 2016

Washington drove to the Arizona 28-yard line before Patrick Peterson's interception of Kirk Cousins' pass with 41 seconds left sealed the victory. Arizona sent everyone at Cousins with a cover-zero blitz, and he rushed his throw to an open Jamison Crowder. (more...)
Cardinals Defense Clamps Down On Redskins
- December 07, 2016

Afterward, Peterson said it was about time the defense held its own and helped finish a game for the Cardinals. When he has the ball in his hands, he can make defenders miss in the open field. He has been a model of consistency throughout his career. The pressure came, and it never left quarterback Kirk Cousins's sight. Washington's offense did its best to answer in the second half but was undone by a pair of key mistakes. (more...)
The Dawning holiday patch coming to Destiny The Dawning holiday patch coming to Destiny
- December 05, 2016

A new game mode called Strike Scoring and new custom gear and holiday themed items as well. And starting December 13th we're celebrating The Dawning in game. These gifts and treasures include mask, emblems and shaders for your guardians. The new SRL will feature two brand new racing tracks and fans will be able to race their sparrows in a private match even after the event concludes. (more...)
Huawei Mate 9 to receive its first major update ahead of launch Huawei Mate 9 to receive its first major update ahead of launch
- December 03, 2016

Report from itechpost stated that Huawei claims that the new EMUI 5.0 is more efficient, secure, and user-friendly. The new firmware is expected to come first to the Huawei Mate 8 and Huawei P9 before expanding to Huawei P9 Plus , Huawei P9 lite, Huawei nova , and Huawei nova Plus . (more...)
Pokémon Sun and Moon have biggest United Kingdom launch for Nintendo ever Pokémon Sun and Moon have biggest United Kingdom launch for Nintendo ever
- December 03, 2016

We don't know if it was carefully planned by Nintendo but the timing of Pokemon Sun & Moon's release can not be any more flawless. Pokemon Sun and Moon have done quite a bit to change up the traditional RPG formula that has been prevalent in the series since the inception of the first entry. (more...)
Sheryl Sandberg donates $100 million in Facebook stock Sheryl Sandberg donates $100 million in Facebook stock
- December 02, 2016

On Mother's Day this year, she wrote that for her Goldberg's death "redefined what it is to be a mother", admitting that her bestselling Lean In did not focus enough on single mothers. Sandberg's last big donation, a $31 million chunk of stock she put into a philanthropic fund in 2015, was also set aside for Lean In and similar organizations. (more...)
Details, Trailer Released for Second Year of Rainbow Six: Siege DLC Details, Trailer Released for Second Year of Rainbow Six: Siege DLC
- December 02, 2016

Season Pass holders will also get a ten percent discount on items and a 5 percent Renown boost which can be used to unlock items a bit faster. First and foremost, the " Rainbow Six Siege " Year 2 Season Pass will grant players VIP membership to be supported up to February 7, 2018. (more...)
Universal Studios powers-up with Nintendo Universal Studios powers-up with Nintendo
- December 02, 2016

Nintendo-themed areas are coming to Universal Studios Japan, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. Under the deal, the companies promise to create "larger-than-life" Nintendo experiences that will be "expansive, immersive and interactive" and are set to include multiple attractions, shops and restaurants. (more...)