Disney's Tangled characters unite in teaser for new TV series Disney's Tangled characters unite in teaser for new TV series
- October 09, 2016

Tompkins (Shorty). It is noted as well that the series has introduced Flynn as Eugene, which is his real name as disclosed in the animated film, and will most likely be used in the animated series. As the show picks up, we find Rapunzel acquainting herself with her parents, her kingdom and the people of Corona. Tangled: The Series is the thirteenth television series to be based on a Disney animated feature, after Timon and Pumbaa, Jungle Cubs, 101 Dalmatians: The Series, Hercules, The ... (more...)
Newt Gingrich chastises Donald Trump over Miss Universe tweetstorm
- October 09, 2016

Even though Trump was married to Melania at the time , he talked frequently about which contestants he'd like to sleep with and how they would behave during sex, causing considerable embarrassment to contestants and crew alike. "He's being Trump . I don't have any comment beyond that", said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a top supporter. "There are no sources , they are just made up lies!" "Hillary has to do what she has to do". (more...)
Snapchat Reportedly Preparing for $25B IPO Snapchat Reportedly Preparing for $25B IPO
- October 07, 2016

If the plan moves forward, Snap Inc would become the largest company to go public on NYSE since 2014, when Chinese company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. In August, Facebook-owned Instagram unveiled Instagram Stories , which let people post a string of videos and pictures that disappear after 24 hours. (more...)
Blue Origin rocket unexpectedly lands itself intact during safety test Blue Origin rocket unexpectedly lands itself intact during safety test
- October 06, 2016

Today's flight marks a major milestone in the test program: About 45 seconds after liftoff, when New Shepard is under maximum aerodynamic stress at an altitude of 16,000 feet, the uncrewed passenger capsule will fire a solid-rocket motor that's created to blast it away from the rocket booster below. (more...)
Three Chemists Who Developed Smallest Machines Share Nobel Prize In Chemistry
- October 06, 2016

The tiny machines have the potential to capture the imaginations of young scientists, too. 'Once you are able to control movement, you have a motor, you can think of all kinds of functions, ' said Prof. Stoddart in 1991 developed a rotaxane , a dumbbell-shaped molecular structure that enabled him to build a molecular lift, a molecular muscle and a molecule-based computer chip. (more...)
Batman, 'Battlezone' and brainteasers lead Sony VR lineup
- October 06, 2016

The ad also said that Batman Arkham VR , a short game focused on becoming the Dark Knight, would also be exclusive to PlayStation VR until March 31, 2017. Being able to look around the game's environment as if you're really there adds enormously to the sense of immersion, and simply standing around admiring the game world can be an awe-inspiring experience all on its own. (more...)
US probes complaints of more F-150 brake failures US probes complaints of more F-150 brake failures
- October 05, 2016

Ford said the expansion was at NHTSA's request after the automaker in August issued a regional recall covering 830,000 vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it has received 25 complaints alleging sudden brake loss in the trucks. (more...)
Obama, DiCaprio team up against climate change Obama, DiCaprio team up against climate change
- October 05, 2016

During the chat, DiCaprio also made a comment aimed at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has been dismissive of the global warming in the past . "Every person we get from an underserved background into a company as an engineer, that not only changes their lives, but transforms the company from the inside out", he said. (more...)
Kerry Says US Not Abandoning Efforts For Peace In Syria Kerry Says US Not Abandoning Efforts For Peace In Syria
- October 05, 2016

These considerations include unspecified "actions...that would further underscore the consequences of [Russia] not coming back to the negotiating table", the officials said . She said fewer than 30 doctors remain in Aleppo to treat a population of 270,000, and "they are working seven days a week under very stressful conditions with the fear of being attacked while they are doing their job". (more...)
Yahoo scanned emails for spy agency
- October 05, 2016

The scanning involved hundreds of millions of Yahoo email accounts, former Yahoo employees told Reuters . It is not known what information the company handed over, what characters the government was searching for, or if any other email providers were approached with the same government directive. (more...)
EU Parliament approves Paris ratification EU Parliament approves Paris ratification
- October 05, 2016

The European Parliament, the European Union's executive arm, ratified the Paris Agreement on climate change Tuesday, triggering global approval of the accord. The pact that is expected to kick in by year-end requires countries to come up with plans to limit greenhouse gas emission to keep global temperature rise to below 2┬░Celsius. (more...)
BP Will Allow Spill to BP Will Allow Spill to "Disperse Naturally"
- October 04, 2016

WWF Scotland director Lang Banks said: "It's disappointing BP have been unable to provide an estimate of the amount of oil spilled yet feel able to say they are happy to leave it to disperse naturally". The company attributed the release to a failure of a mechanism meant to separate oil, water and gas. "Both direct observation from surveillance flights and oil spill modelling continue to show the oil moving in a northerly direction away from land". (more...)
Microsoft announces a new Edge extension with Windows 10 build 14936 Microsoft announces a new Edge extension with Windows 10 build 14936
- October 01, 2016

It looks to some like Microsoft is just ignoring Insider feedback. Microsoft says in the official changelog that this update brings improved performance of push and local notifications, while also refining the reliability of some built-in Windows tools, including Windows Update Agent, shared drives, virtual private network (VPN), clustering, HTTP downloads, Internet Explorer 11, Hyper-V platform, multimedia playback, and Microsoft Edge. (more...)
Human Skeleton Found In 2100-Year-Old Antikythera Shipwreck Human Skeleton Found In 2100-Year-Old Antikythera Shipwreck
- October 01, 2016

The Massachusetts-based Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution , which is conducting the excavation with the Greek culture ministry, said Monday that if enough viable DNA is preserved, the bones could shed light on the shipwreck victim's ethnicity. (more...)
Major Hurricane Matthew in Caribbean
- October 01, 2016

A northerly turn is still forecast between Saturday night and Sunday morning, with the current tracking taking the hurricane through the eastern tip of Jamaica and the eastern section of Cuba as it travels north. The National Hurricane Center says Matthew now has top sustained winds of 115 mph (185 kph) and is now centered about 105 miles (170 kilometers) northeast of Punta Gallinas, Colombia. (more...)
DGCA lifts ban on use of Galaxy Note 7 in flights DGCA lifts ban on use of Galaxy Note 7 in flights
- October 01, 2016

We never realized Samsung's love for pyrotechnics but the DGCA's relaxation of the ban of carrying the phone on flights will most definitely allow Samsung to slowly regain its lost reputation. " Samsung's discriminative policies have caused significant dissatisfaction among Chinese consumers". Samsung has already recalled all the handsets bearing this icon. (more...)
Rosetta's final hours before being crashed into comet
- September 30, 2016

All contact with Philae was lost in July after the ESA switched off Rosetta's radio link with the lander. Despite the low gravity of the comet, Rosetta should remain on its surface for billions of years if nothing disturbs it. "And as soon as any one part of that spacecraft touches the comet, it will tilt the spacecraft", Taylor says. But Rosetta's final mission will not be a fruitless one. (more...)
3-D mammography aids Oakland specialists in breast cancer detection
- September 29, 2016

It's the No. 2 cancer killer of women, trailing only lung cancer, and a woman's chance of dying from it is 3 percent. "We are so grateful to the merchants and the entire community of Greenwich for their involvement and tremendous support". Expand the metastatic cancer research portfolio at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 & FY 2018 through growth in appropriations and demonstrated congressional interest in controlling and eliminating cancer that has already ... (more...)
Microsoft & Adobe join forces to combat Salesforce Microsoft & Adobe join forces to combat Salesforce
- September 29, 2016

Enterprise Mobility + Security E5, a new offer that expands security to help the transition to mobility and cloud, will be available starting October 1, 2016. Adobe officials said Azure provides Adobe with a trusted, global cloud and a data platform designed for intelligent services, including machine learning and cognitive capabilities in Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite and SQL Server. (more...)
Premier Li Says China, Canada Begin Exploratory Talks on Free Trade Agreement
- September 26, 2016

Trudeau also said the two countries have reached an agreement to effectively end a lingering dispute over Canadian canola exports, although he offered no specifics. "It's impossible to imagine how you would have an extradition treaty that would line up with Canada's obligations to not send people to face the death penalty", Neve said in an interview. (more...)
Benedict Cumberbatch Almost Didn't Play Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch Almost Didn't Play Doctor Strange
- September 24, 2016

Stephen Strange whose life changes forever after a horrific vehicle accident robs him of the use of his hands. Join Strange on his unsafe, mystifying, and totally mind-bending journey". " If you can't jump on board when the ride's going past. that's usually it ", Cumberbatch said, "so the hugest compliment they paid me was to come back to me. (more...)
In dramatic reversal, Cruz to vote for Trump In dramatic reversal, Cruz to vote for Trump
- September 24, 2016

There, he was given a speaking slot and in a scene nearly out of professional wrestling was booed off the stage as Trump emerged in the crowd and waved to supporters. When Mr Cruz addressed the Republican National Convention in July in Cleveland, where Mr Trump accepted the nomination, he declined to endorse Mr Trump and was essentially booed off stage by the NY businessman's supporters. (more...)
Hubble telescope discovers planet orbiting 2 stars Hubble telescope discovers planet orbiting 2 stars
- September 24, 2016

As microlensing events are, by their nature, one-offs, astronomers needed another way to confirm the nature of OGLE-2007-BLG-349 and Hubble has been used to zoom in on the star system that triggered the 2007 brightening. The particular character of the light magnification can reveal clues to the nature of the foreground star and any associated planets. noted that scientists have known that some planets revolve around two or more stars, but this is the first time that they ever ... (more...)
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement stock hits NZ
- September 23, 2016

At the time of the first recall which spanned across 10 countries, the company, acknowledged that they were aware of 35 reported incidents of the batteries exploding on these Note 7 smart phones. Samsung said that out of the 26 reports, in 12 cases the Galaxy Note 7 phones weren't at fault. It appears the worst is over for Samsung, as Galaxy Note 7 replacements are now hitting store shelves. (more...)
China's Defunct Space Lab is Falling Down to Earth China's Defunct Space Lab is Falling Down to Earth
- September 22, 2016

It will most likely entirely burn up in the Earth's atmosphere, and any falling debris will probably either hit the ocean or an unpopulated stretch of land. When satellites and space stations such as Skylab, Mir, and the lesser-known Salyut and Almaz complete or fail their missions, they're frequently de-orbited, that is, nudged into Earth's atmosphere, where they will meet a fiery demise. (more...)
Bangladesh ratifies Paris climate deal Bangladesh ratifies Paris climate deal
- September 22, 2016

The so-called Paris Climate Change Agreement involves action that would limit warming to well below two degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial average. "Such a decision would make it far more hard to develop effective global strategies for mitigating and adapting to climate change", it added. "Faced with challenges like migration, a desire for greater control of their country, and a mounting sense that globalisation is leaving working people behind, they demanded a politics that is more in ... (more...)
Social Democrats strongest in Berlin elections Social Democrats strongest in Berlin elections
- September 19, 2016

A slump in support for the CDU could deepen a growing rift with its coalition partners, the centre left Social Democrats (SPD). Loss Off Your Belly Fats, Upper Arm Fat and Body FatsIn 2weeks Time . Even under the charismatic Wowereit, the Social Democrats won a lackluster 28.3 percent of votes five years ago, followed by Merkel's party with 23.3 percent. (more...)
Google Street View Respects Cow's Privacy, Blurs Its Face Google Street View Respects Cow's Privacy, Blurs Its Face
- September 17, 2016

For example, there were images of billboards full of movie stars that all had their faces blurred by the Google Street View AI. A spokesperson for Google told NPR that the act of bovine privacy protection was due to an overactive automated system. (more...)
Japan's main opposition party elects first female leader Japan's main opposition party elects first female leader
- September 16, 2016

Renho expressed her desire to be the party president, saying: "I raised my hand so I would be elected as the first female party leader". As well as being female and younger than many Japanese politicians Renho also has a Taiwanese father which nearly blew her campaign off course when it was reported that she still holds dual nationality which technically isn't recognised in Japan after the age of 22. (more...)
Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Ohio On Labor Day
- September 15, 2016

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is arguing for an expanded military, while Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is suggesting that Trump is unfit to be commander in chief. "So I am proud of the people who are supporting me". Yet as those numbers were announced, the majority of media outlets are ignoring Hillary's obvious health problems. (more...)
MMTC's Q1 net loss at Rs 7 crore MMTC's Q1 net loss at Rs 7 crore
- September 15, 2016

During the quarter, the company produced 94,496 tonnes of aluminium, about 10 per cent higher than 85,722 tonnes in the same period last fiscal, while the net power generated during the quarter was 1,489 million units, up by around 10 per cent, against 1,358 million units generated in the corresponding period of past year. (more...)
GCHQ wants a British firewall to protect against malicious hackers GCHQ wants a British firewall to protect against malicious hackers
- September 15, 2016

The proposal surrounds scaling up DNS filtering to provide automated defences at scale, effectively blocking ISP customers from coming into contact with known malware and bad IP addresses. Could a firewall protect British organizations against cyber-attacks? "As such, organizations themselves still need the capability to triage those threats that do still make it through, so they can identify the most serious and prioritize them accordingly". (more...)
Initial quantities of iPhone 7 Plus sell out globally
- September 15, 2016

Initial quantities of the iPhone 7 Plus have sold out globally as Apple Inc prepares to roll out its new gadget in stores, the company said Wednesday. Maybe this is the reason why it has come out with a new TV commercial which is creating more buzz than the iPhone itself! The stronger than anticipated demand for Apple's new iPhone is great news for the company. (more...)
Super typhoon targets Taiwan, mainland China Super typhoon targets Taiwan, mainland China
- September 13, 2016

As of 2 p.m., the storm was centered 1,000 kilometers east-southeast of Eluanbi, the southernmost tip of Taiwan , moving at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour in a west-northwesterly direction, the bureau said. National Dong Hwa University in Hualien County has canceled classes Tuesday, while administrative staff will be dismissed at noon. The Maritime Port Bureau said that 28 shipping services are scheduled to be canceled today and tomorrow, with a lot of them operating off the east coast ... (more...)
Apple conducts lay-offs at driverless auto project Apple conducts lay-offs at driverless auto project
- September 12, 2016

Of note, the automobile disruption coming from electrification, autonomous driving and sharing has captured the imagination of Silicon Valley making it incredibly hard to keep good employees and management. Is scaling back on what seemed to be its original plan a smart move for Apple , or is it an admission that the company just doesn't want to throw more good money after bad in pursuit of a dream shared by dozens of other players? Still, the design and user interface are key to the iCar's ... (more...)

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