WWE NXT: Kassius Ohno confronts Bobby Roode; Brit Pete Dunne wins WWE NXT: Kassius Ohno confronts Bobby Roode; Brit Pete Dunne wins
- February 25, 2017

According to, Balor was telling the truth when he told the NXT crowd that he wasn't medically cleared to return to the ring. But fans are hoping that he would reintegrate smoothly and successfully to the WWE programming as one of the most marketable stars at the main-event level once he returns. (more...)
Horrifying 'sea monster' carcasses found washed up on Philippines beaches Horrifying 'sea monster' carcasses found washed up on Philippines beaches
- February 25, 2017

A mysterious and very big creature washed ashore an island in the Philippines, right after the area suffered a 6.7 quake. Most speculated it was a sea cow. The Oarfish is a remarkably long, seldom seen deep-sea fish that has found itself at the center of a conspiracy theory suggesting they are natural quake predictors. (more...)
SpaceX pulls off another successful ground-based rocket landing
- February 24, 2017

The Canadarm 2 reaches out to capture the SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft and prepare it to be pulled into its port on the International Space Station on April. The Dragon capsule should arrive at 11am tomorrow and be caught by a robotic arm. A few hours before Dragon aborted its rendezvous, Russian Federation launched the Progress MS-05 cargo ship resupply ship from Kazakhstan. (more...)
Branden Albert cut by Dolphins Branden Albert cut by Dolphins
- February 18, 2017

That worked out last year with Byron Maxwell (and Vance Joseph's only year as defensive coordinator), but there's no guarantee it'll play out that way again. Tunsil played tackle throughout his career until being shifted to left guard to accommodate Albert. The 32-year-old earned a Pro Football Focus grade of 42.2, which was good for 65th among all offensive tackles. (more...)
Snap sets IPO valuation at up to $22 billion
- February 17, 2017

Depending on the outcome of their roadshow - which is set to be held under the " SNAP " ticker - shares for Snap Incorporated could be priced as early as March 1. However, its user growth slowed significantly late a year ago. By the fourth quarter, average daily active user growth fell below 50% for the first time since at least 2014, according to the deal prospectus . (more...)
200 whales stranded in New Zealand on Saturday float themselves
- February 16, 2017

People are being warned to stay off a beach where the carcasses of hundreds of whales are at risk of exploding. 'The area is now closed to the public because of the risk from whales exploding, ' the conservation department said in a statement. (more...)
Rapid brain growth in infancy may signal autism
- February 16, 2017

One in every 100 people has autism, which affects behaviour and particularly social interaction. Current estimates suggest 1 in 68 children in the United States have been identified with autism, and while early intervention ― which at this point typically means behavioral therapy ― can be highly beneficial in managing and even erasing symptoms, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says most children do not get diagnosed until closer to age 4. (more...)
Indian PSLV rocket lifts off with 104 satellites
- February 16, 2017

The remaining 101 co-passenger satellites carried were global customer satellites from United States of America (96), The Netherlands (1), Switzerland (1), Israel (1), Kazakhstan (1) and UAE (1). Thus, the PSLV-C37 was carrying out an overall weight of almost 1500 Kgs. It's time for a grand celebration for the scientists and all the members of ISRO along with the citizens of India. (more...)
Uber Just Hired a NASA Engineer to Help Them Develop Flying Cars
- February 07, 2017

For those not well-versed on cool shit, VTOL is shorthand for " vertical takeoff and landing". The idea is that these vehicles will operate autonomously, responding to requests from commuters on the ground via the Uber app. "I can't think of another company in a stronger position to be the leader for this new ecosystem and make the urban electric VTOL market real", Moore said. (more...)
Hudson's Bay reportedly approaches Macy's about a takeover
- February 04, 2017

Talks between the companies are at an early stage, one of the people said. We think potential strategic buyers could have discomfort on the prospects of continued comp store sales declines combined with a store closure program, which makes sense but is likely to drive lower near-term revenue growth - this will drive uncertainty on perpetual growth rates, valuation, and when an inflection towards positive revenue growth could occur. (more...)
Facebook Has 1.86 Billion Users Facebook Has 1.86 Billion Users
- February 02, 2017

The Menlo Park, CA-based social media behemoth reported adjusted Q4 EPS of $1.41, which was $0.10 better than the Wall Street consensus estimate of $1.31. The change was meant to surface topics quicker, capture a broader range of news, and help ensure that trends reflect real world events being covered by multiple news outlets, Facebook said. (more...)
Remnants of 'lost continent' found under Mauritius
- February 02, 2017

Known as a tropical holiday destination, Mauritius is a volcanic island, formed by the eruption of volcanoes. Scientists have discovered the evidence of a "lost continent" deep under the Indian Ocean. An entire continent, now submerged beneath the Indian Ocean, has been discovered by geologists studying rocks on the African island of Mauritius. Then, India and Madagascar began to move apart, and Mauritia started to stretch and break up. (more...)
Former UN chief drops out of South Korea's presidential race
- February 02, 2017

Politics in South Korea have been upended by a massive scandal that prompted millions to take to the streets in protest, the impeachment of the country's conservative president, Park Geun-hye, and a power handoff to the prime minister. It follows his less than successful return to Seoul last month, marred by a series of perceived PR gaffes and a scandal involving family members. Liberal Moon Jae-in, who lost the 2012 election to Ms Park, is the current front-runner. (more...)
BMW i3, Tesla Model S electric cars miss top IIHS safety ratings
- February 02, 2017

The IIHS notes that "that injuries to the head, along with the lower right leg, would be possible in a real-world crash of the same severity". The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety says Tesla and BMW are aware of the problems and are fixing them. (more...)
United States army told to pave way for disputed Dakota pipeline
- February 02, 2017

Hundreds of tribe members, environmentalists and others protested the pipeline for months past year, until, in December, President Obama told the Army Corps to halt construction. More than 600 demonstrators have been arrested at the camp, and Hoeven said 20 Bureau of Indian Affairs law enforcement offices have arrived in the state to police any protest activities that might happen there. (more...)
Iraq bans U.S. citizens from their country Iraq bans U.S. citizens from their country
- February 01, 2017

What's the strategic objective of radicalizing the other 99 percent, including three million American Muslims, U.S. Muslim military personnel and vital local interpreters assisting our troops? US President Donald Trump has called Daesh/ISIS "pure evil" on more than one occasion. (more...)
New NASA exhibit honors Apollo 1 crew lost in tragic accident New NASA exhibit honors Apollo 1 crew lost in tragic accident
- January 30, 2017

While the road to the stars is a hard, often devastating one, it's important to remember the sacrifices of those who put themselves in danger in the name of discovery. A mockup of the Apollo 11 spacecraft. This is the first time any part of the Apollo 1 spacecraft has been displayed publicly. A NASA contractor took two co-workers hostage at Johnson Space Center 20 April 2007, killing one of them before turning the revolver on himself, officials said, just days after the bloodiest school ... (more...)
Mark Zuckerberg drops Hawaiian land lawsuits after outcry Mark Zuckerberg drops Hawaiian land lawsuits after outcry
- January 28, 2017

What has got Zuckerberg's goat is that the families have the rights to travel across Zuckerberg's property. But this peace-making attempt appeared to fail, and led hundreds in Kauai to plan a march for Friday to protest the lawsuits as well as a six-foot wall Zuckerberg placed around the property. (more...)
Gag order on USDA research arm raises concerns
- January 26, 2017

The Department of Agriculture has reportedly lifted an order that called for scientists and employees of its research arm not to release any of its work to the public. But at least two researchers who have in the past worked with ARS say collaboration with the agency is often essential to their work. After confirming that "there is some semblance of truth" in the Buzzfeed report, the ARS media office declined to comment further and has not responded to further requests for comment. (more...)
Giant otter fossil the size of a wolf discovered in China Giant otter fossil the size of a wolf discovered in China
- January 25, 2017

It is believed that the otter weighed an average of 110 pounds, which is more than double what modern-day otters weigh. The discovery included an nearly complete cranium and lower jaw, which in its fossilized form required virtual reconstruction using CT technology in Beijing. (more...)
Rogers: Super Bowl LI will be huge for QBs' legacies Rogers: Super Bowl LI will be huge for QBs' legacies
- January 24, 2017

Kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. ET. The Atlanta Falcons are about to meet the New England Patriots in Houston in two weeks at the Super Bowl . The Patriots are 3-point favorites and the over/under is a record 59 points at some sports books. That number was a slight improvement compared to a year ago, when a pre-Super Bowl clash between the Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals drew a 26.8 overnight rating. (more...)
Fight for the Right: Dutch PM Says Integrate or Leave Fight for the Right: Dutch PM Says Integrate or Leave
- January 24, 2017

Rutte has a reputation of being a pragmatist in his country, unlike his rival Wilders, who in his own words once said: "Half the people of Holland love me and the other half hates me". In December, Wilders was found guilty of discrimination for comments he made about Moroccans living in the country. The 15 March elections will be watched as the first of several in a "super-election" year across Europe that could see rightwing populists make major gains in France and Germany, although Wilders ... (more...)
Scientists reveal planet similar to Earth could be home to extraterrestrial life Scientists reveal planet similar to Earth could be home to extraterrestrial life
- January 23, 2017

A team of researchers from San Francisco State University has been analyzing the planet and it's atmosphere in hopes of finding proof that it's habitable. "Because of its proximity to the Sun, the planet became so hot that all the water evaporated", Kane said. Though, till now, no confirmations have yet been made by the researchers, but the possibilities about the presence of extraterrestrial life can't be completely overlooked. (more...)
2016 hottest year recorded — United Nations weather agency
- January 22, 2017

NOAA also reported that there was a string of eight consecutive high monthly temperature records (Jan-Aug) that were set in 2016. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO ), the average global temperature was 1.1°C / 1.98°F higher than the pre-industrial period. (more...)
Tesla's Autopilot feature resulted in a 40% drop in crashes Tesla's Autopilot feature resulted in a 40% drop in crashes
- January 21, 2017

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( NHTSA ) following last year's crash that killed a driver whose Model S collided with a truck while using the company's driving-assist feature , NHTSA regulators have issued a report stating that no evidence of defects in Tesla's electric auto were found. (more...)
2016 hottest year on record; scientists blame global warming 2016 hottest year on record; scientists blame global warming
- January 20, 2017

Satellite calculations also showed that it was the warmest year, Schmidt said . Gerald Meehl added: "Though some years will be warmer than others, the overall trend over multiple decades will inevitably be upward as long of concentrations of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere keep increasing". (more...)
Putin: Those besmirching Trump 'worse than prostitutes'
- January 18, 2017

Kremlin suspect the mass movement was conducted with the knowledge of the US State Department and US intelligence. However, he denied reports that a summit between Trump and Putin is planned for the first weeks of the new United States president's rule, and could take place in Reykjavik, Iceland. (more...)
At hearing, DeVos to lay out school-choice vision At hearing, DeVos to lay out school-choice vision
- January 18, 2017

DeVos in 2005, at a campaign event for her husband, Dick DeVos, who unsuccessfully ran for Governor of MI against Jennifer Granholm.Wikimedia CommonsFlorida Governor Rick Scott is a well-known fan of giving taxpayer dollars intended for public education to private schools that have no accountability in terms of both student achievement as well as what they do with said money. (more...)
Donald Trump's Childhood Home in Queens, NY, Sold at Auction Donald Trump's Childhood Home in Queens, NY, Sold at Auction
- January 18, 2017

But the property's newsworthy pedigree did little to spark interest, and the owners chopped the price down to $1.25 million and then hired Paramount Realty to auction it. The home is ultimately expected to sell for over $1 million. "Its worth is up to the bidder to tell us". It has a finished basement. Haghani said in December when the auction date was announced that Davis "believes there was no premium paid for the home and the auction will help him realize that full market price". (more...)
SpaceX launches first Falcon 9 rocket since September explosion
- January 17, 2017

In January past year, SpaceX made history by successfully recovering the first stage of the Falcon 9, marking the first time a rocket launched a payload into orbit and then returned safely to Earth. SpaceX's effort to recover Falcon first stages is meant to reduce costs by recycling a major piece of the launch system. The explosion at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida destroyed the $62 million rocket and a $200 million communications satellite. (more...)
International Olympic Committee strips China of three 2008 weightlifting golds International Olympic Committee strips China of three 2008 weightlifting golds
- January 15, 2017

Cao Lei, Chen Xiexia and Liu Chunhong, gold medallists in the respective women's 75kg, 48kg and 69kg categories at Beijing 2008, have all been disqualified with all three failing for the prohibited substance GHRP-2 and metabolite (GHRP-2 M2), and Liu also failing for sibutramine. (more...)
Gallery: Official HTC U Ultra And HTC U Play Images
- January 13, 2017

In addition to the U Ultra, HTC has also introduced the U Play, which adopts the same basic design language, but comes with mid-range features and specs. The 3.5mm jack is gone for good and is replaced by the Type-C USB port in U Ultra . RAM: The U Ultra comes with 4GB RAM and the U Play has 3GB/4GB RAM variants. (more...)
USA to allege Fiat Chrysler cheated on emissions USA to allege Fiat Chrysler cheated on emissions
- January 13, 2017

EPA says that it has found at least eight pieces of software that are capable of changing how a vehicle emits air pollution - and of course, all of them were undisclosed. Affected models include the light-duty model year 2014, 2015 and 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Ram 1500 trucks with 3-liter diesel engines sold in the United States, the agency said. (more...)
Sensex surges 241 pts to 2-month high on positive quarterly results
- January 12, 2017

The BSE benchmark Sensex opened higher at 26,811.63 and hovered in a range of 26,914.95 to 26,804.17 before finishing at 26,899.56, showing a gain of 173.01 points or 0.65%. Mid-caps were up by 170 points and small-caps were up by more than 123 points. "Technically, the Nifty seems to be in consolidation mode". The 30-share index, which gained 173.01 points in the previous session, added 151.01 points, or 0.56 per cent, to 27,050.57 with all the sectoral indices led by metal, capital goods ... (more...)
China's booming factories poised to export inflation China's booming factories poised to export inflation
- January 12, 2017

Another report from the NBS showed that factory gate prices climbed 5.5 percent year-on-year in December, faster than the 3.3 percent increase seen in November and the expected rate of 4.6 percent. Under pressure from a downturn in the broader economy, the PPI had been trapped in negative territory for 54 months before returning to growth in September. (more...)